Tales of Women at Sea

Tales of Women at Sea

Tales of Women at Sea aims to amplify the voices of women survivors and rescuers. Through portraits and testimonies, the survivors describe the circumstances that led them to cross the central Mediterranean, the deadliest sea migration route in the world. Their stories are accompanied by testimonies from female MSF staff, who explain their motivations for the life-saving work of search and rescue, and the bonds felt with survivors on the Geo Barents.  

Photos have been captured by two female photographers from different backgrounds with a view to make women’s voices heard from different perspectives, while respecting cultural sensitivities: Mahka Eslami (Iran) and Nyancho NwaNri (Nigeria).

MSF Staff Testimonies

Meet Lucia from Costa Rica, our MSF colleague since 2011, as she narrates her experience in the search and rescue mission in the Central Mediterranean.

Meet Kira, an MSF midwife as she shares experiences, challenges, and tales of women onboard Geo Barents.

Survivors Testimonies

Meet Bintou, a survivor onboard Geo Barents describing her journey from Côte d’Ivoire to Libya and across the Mediterranean.

Meet Christelle, a survivor who underwent domestic violence, kidnapping and imprisonment before crossing the Mediterranean.