In Gaza, the local healthcare system is overstretched, underfunded and deeply impacted by over a decade of blockade. We have been providing surgical and post-surgical assistance to victims of burns and trauma in Gaza for almost 15 years.
In 2018, we began offering reconstructive and orthopaedic surgery, dressing changes, physiotherapy, health education and psychosocial support to thousands of Gazans injured in the Great March of Return protests. Many have complex and severe wounds that require repeated surgical interventions, treatment for infections and intense levels of follow-up and rehabilitation.
In the West Bank, occupation, violence, unemployment and poverty continue to have a profound impact on the mental health of Palestinians. Our teams offer psychological support in Hebron, Nablus, Qalqilya and Tubas. In late 2020, we also began to run mobile clinics to provide healthcare in remote communities in Hebron district.