March 2022 – We call for respect for human life

March 2022 – We call for respect for human life

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“Men make war and women pick up the pieces” is a prevalent notion, but the role women play during conflict Is a complex and multi-layered one, and it is actually very far from the stereotype of females as casualties of war, or anything else. Mothers, sisters, fighters, humanitarians, healers, peace-makers and livelihood creators; it’s true that females, especially those of color, pay a higher price for the ills and injustices of the world from poverty to war, but they’re not victims.

Beyond simplified labels, women and girls have multiple roles and identities; they can be agents of transformation and change in our societies in so many different ways and they deserve an inclusive and equitable world. We stand by and celebrate women and girls today wherever they are; at war, at home, in the hospital, in the refugee camp or schoolyard, in the waiting room or meeting room.

Meet some of the incredible women working with MSF around the world. Click here to Watch

Jehan Bseiso
MSF Lebanon Executive Director

MSF teams are working across Ukraine and in neighboring countries to provide assistance and assess the needs caused by war.
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On World International Women's Day, we salute all women working in the field and MSF offices around the word.
How are the residents of Mariupol, a Ukrainian city heavily affected by the war, dealing with dire conditions?