Meet The International Staff
Dea Abi Hanna - Operating Theatre Nurse

Being Nurse in Bangassou: Every Surgery is Urgent

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always dreamt of becoming a nurse. My experience during…

Bishoy Salib - Surgeon

One question changed my life: Would you go to Haiti?

While stuck in the usual traffic, I saw an MSF job posting on social media. They needed an orthopedic…

Sameh Kirellos - Doctor

My Field Experience Helped Me Develop My Skills as a Doctor

Since I decided to take a different approach in my medical practice, I joined MSF in 2010 to add more…

Marie-Ange Saidy - Project Coordinator

Different Enriching Experiences in Lebanon and Around the World

Although I majored in nutrition sciences and then in environmental sciences and management, I applied…

Rima Makki - Clinical psychologist

Mental Health Is Very Important In Times of War

I joined MSF in 2011 and worked as a clinical psychologist in the mental health program…

Mohamad El Sayed - WATSAN Manager

Water Disinfection: A New Acquired Skill

I started working for MSF in 2017. I had applied for the water and sanitation supervisor position…

Moustafa Ahmad - Supply Chain Coordinator

Preconceptions Are Different Than the Actual Field Experience

In 2014, I heard about MSF by chance. I thought it only hired doctors and nurses. It felt unusual to…

Ibrahim Laham - Logistics Adminstrator

How MSF Changed the Lives of Prisoners As Well As My Own

My specialization in mechanical engineering did not stop me from applying for a job at MSF. This and…

Jihane Mostafa - Obstetrician and Gynecologist

My Ambition and Eagerness for Challenges Drove Me to Dasht-e-Barchi

Having worked in the medical field in Egypt for 10 years, I realized I could do more to help more women

Sami Gerges - Project Supply Manager

I Now Know What Deprivation and Need Really Mean

I had heard a lot about MSF, then one day decided to know more about its role, objectives and projects…

Chantal Lakkis - Epidemiologist

I Do Not Like Moving Around but Would Repeat This Experience

I joined MSF in September 2016 and started working as an Epidemiologist in the MSF projects in Lebanon…

Yasser Kamaledin - Pharmacist

The Cultural Exchange Enriched My Experience in the Field

In March 2017, I was selected to be the project coordinator of the Mother and Child Hospital in…

Georges Awad - HR Finance Manager

How Can Numbers Save Lives?

I heard the name MSF for the first time in a movie! I hadn’t heard of it before. I did some research online…

Mahmoud Khazaal - Infrastructure and construction mission referent

I Learned Patience, Resilience and Creole

I joined MSF in 2013. I was mainly drawn to the few lines written in italic beneath the job posting online…

Dima Majali - Laboratory Specialist

Lessons Learned From My Experience: The Humanitarian Aspect of Medicine and Personal Resilience

Why would an educated and successful young woman leave her established post at a laboratory to go to…

MSF Intervention amid the war on Gaza